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Dream Analysis & Interpretation

You can use the instruction page to learn how to interpret your own dreams. For assistance you can consult the dream dictionary and for an understanding of the multiple meanings of symbols click on the meaning of symbols link. 

What type of dream are you dealing with?
To interpret  your dreams, you need to determine what type of dream you are dealing with. There are two categories that they fit into, those that are generated from within your physical body and mind and those that come from your spirit guides or tutors. They have different purposes and its necessary to recognize what these differences mean to you and how they interact in your waking and dreaming state.

Two main categories.
The dreams that originate with the physical body are for your functioning and survival in the world of physical nature. They deal with your physical and psychological well being. These dreams are like your manager and janitor who try to keep body and mind tidy for your general well being.

Then, there are those dreams that have a mystical and special characteristic to them which are for your spiritual development and progress. They produce instant knowledge and information that is beyond your ability to garner through intellectual or logical means.

Why you get information when you sleep.
When you are asleep, so is the physical component of your self. The five senses, smelling, tasting, feeling, seeing, and hearing, and your ego, the controlling master, are all temporarily suspended from activity. Sleeping allows the other sense that you have, the sixth sense, to take over for awhile with out much interference. This is when both the physical body and your spiritual essence can perform maintenance simultaneously to help unwrinkle parts of your life. Its ironic that this is the state of being that psychics and mediums practice for years to achieve, and everyone enters it every time they fall asleep.

There are several components to each dream category:

Dreams from the physical body 

Dreams from the spiritual realm




Precognitive and future

New information or knowledge

The deceased or spirit guides visit you.

The Technique:  Click here to learn how to analyze and interpret the dream types listed below.

Click the dream types listed below to see examples.

Dreams from the physical body.

Food: Did you ever notice that when you take a nap after youíve eaten lunch that you can have some crazy images go through your mind. The same thing happens at night too, because food can trigger some wild and wacky dreams. If you enjoy these psychedelic excursions, then take note of what you had to eat before hand and repeat the process. On the other hand, if youíre not interested, then take note of what you ate and make certain to avoid eating whatever it was. Food is one of the generators of dreams, which are not worth interpreting.

Health Your subconscious knows a lot about you that you donít, or maybe donít care to know. Often times it will tell you something about your practices or lifestyle to tip you off about what its needs are. In dreams it tries to get the point across to you, sometimes politely, at other times not so.

Psychology:  Stressful relationships and social situations can cause our mind to get out of kilter but our subconscious intervenes to straighten things out.


Dreams from the spiritual world

Those special visits, instructions, lessons and guidance that we receive that are sometimes (but not always) interwoven with one of those mundane dreams your body generates. They are hidden and disguised because you are not supposed to know where the information is coming from. Like itís a big secret. You are led to think that you dreamed up all those unique thoughts and ideas all by your little olí self. The bad news is that they occur much less frequently than the run of the mill physical dreams. The good news is that when you do experience them, you get the feeling that something special has occurred. Even if you canít figure out what it means, there is a profound sense of purpose or message behind it. When experienced, they become landmarks in many peopleís lives leaving them with a permanent and unforgettable impression of otherworldliness embedded deep within their subconscious mind.

Future Dreams Precognitive   you get a hint or tip about the future.

Get Needed Information and Knowledge.

The deceased and spirit guides speak to you.