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Psychic reader, Learning how. 

To become a reader, you must learn to switch your mindset from yourself  and onto another person as the center point. Your focus is centered on  the inner workings of that person as it relates to the world they live in. For this you need to go within to engage that part of yourself that communicates with the universal mind where all knowledge resides.

The first requirement.

Just like learning any other skill you need to practice. Nothing comes to anyone without practice and reading another person is no different. Remember, you already have the ability, you only need to tune it and refine it.

Mind set is important. The more serious you are about it, the faster you will develop your  ability to give readings. If you are dedicated to learn, you will. Just remember, Rome was not built in a day, so be patient. Becoming a psychic reader requires patience and practice.

Learn to meditate

Meditation puts you on the fast track to developing your own potential. It helps you get in that deep inner part of yourself where you get help from outside - from the universal mind. If you don't meditate, you can still learn, but it takes a bit longer. Profound and meaningful information is more readily available for a person that meditates. If you intend to go on to becoming a medium, then learning meditation is a must.
See how to meditate.

Where the information comes from

As each person goes through life, the events of that life are recorded. Every thought, words spoken, actions taken and not, are recorded with the universal mind. Some psychic readers refer to this as the akashic records, but its easier to visualize it as a video recording. This is information that you as a psychic reader can access.

How to get the information

The  information comes through 5 sources:
1)   Feelings - feelings that something is so, feelings of what a person is feeling inside, feelings about what a person fears, what is going on in their life, feelings about what is going on in regard to their personal relationships, etc.
2)   Pictures - Visual pictures will come to the psychic read, some are directly interpreted and others are indirectly related. That is some pictures are symbols for another meaning. For example: in giving a reading, a woman client is visualized fishing off a bridge. Does it mean that the client is really going to go fishing or is she looking for a man? The answer lies in developing a 'feel' of how to interpret these symbols.  And in this case, it turned out that the client was looking for a man. 
3)    Hearing - The psychic reader hears words in the form of mind talk. As though the psychic reader was talking to herself. Sometimes it seems like words are being imagined.
4)   Knowing - One of the most profound ways that a psychic reader gets information is through 'knowing'. Suddenly, information appears. And as if by magic, the reader knows something that she didn't know a moment earlier. 
5)   Smelling and tasting - The psychic reader gets a sense (feels) of smelling or tasting.

How the psychic reader interprets it.

Sometimes you will only get a single word or picture about a person which doesn't provide a clear meaning. You must then go back and ask that symbol to give you more information. More information usually comes through one of the other sources. For example, the picture of the woman fishing on the bridge didn't give an explanation beyond the image itself. When the reader went back for more information, a feeling came to her that the woman was really actively looking for a man to be in her life. The psychic reader goes back to the source as many times as necessary to get a coherent message for her client.

 How does a beginner get practice?

 1)  By meeting new people. - First it is necessary to practice giving readings and also to get feedback. Without feedback a person doesn't know if what they gave to another person made sense or was relevant. Feedback gives a beginner and practicing psychic information on how to interpret the symbols they get.
2)   Next, the beginner needs to never fear being wrong. The best psychics and mediums in the world 'screw up' on a regular basis. No body does 100%.
3)   Find a psychic 'development circle' to sit in every week. There you'll be in with your peers who are learning with you and you'll gain a lot of experience while learning. A circle enables you to meet other people and it also provides a safe energy platform for you to develop your ability.
4)   You can look in the New Age Directory for a metaphysical learning center near you. Or you can form your own circle.

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