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Meditation gets you to the psychic power zone. 

Meditation is a purposely induced state where the physical body and conscious mind are bypassed temporarily so the inner self comes into focus.. Through a series of mental exercises the body is placed at rest, and simultaneously, the mind is emptied of any and all thoughts enabling the person to create a sort of suspended animation.  It is at this point that a state pure heightened awareness without thought is attained. Mystics of all religions have claimed that once this state is achieved, one can listen for God or All That Is, to speak.

The depth from which the psychic reader gets information is not quite as deep as this state, but practice makes it easier for the psychic to 'drop into' the level where all the psychic activity takes place.

A big bonus for people who meditate is the enhanced health benefits they receive as a byproduct. One is an increased immune system efficiency,
and the ability to withstand stress and remain calm naturally.

Meditation - when and where

When - The best time to meditate is in the morning after you have prepared yourself  for the day. Rise about 15-20 minutes earlier and do it. Don't worry about how you'll know when the time is up, your body will automatically alert you when the allotted time is up. You can meditate at night also, but sometimes the work of the day may cause you to fall asleep.

Where - Find a place where you won't be disturbed by noises, telephones, or other people barging in on you. Sit upright either on the floor or in a straight back chair with a cushion so you are comfortable. Don't lay down in bed because you may fall asleep.

Meditation - the process

The object of the process is two-fold; to relax the body and to subdue the thoughts that continuously traverse our mind. You do this by occupying the mind with the process of relaxing the body. As the body relaxes, so does the mind. One never stops the mind completely, but one can achieve states of relatively long periods where the mind is silent. It is during these moments, no matter how brief they are, that we enter a state of the void, the null or nothingness. This is the state of being that the mystics refer as listening to God.

The process - Sit in your selected place and relax yourself. Take a few deep breathes paying deliberate attention to the sound of the air as it enters and exits. Focus your mind on your body and begin instructing it to relax. Beginning at the top of your head, instruct the muscles to relax, and then actually feel these muscles relax. Move on to the face and neck muscles, focusing your mind on instructing your body to relax these muscles and then actually feeling the muscles relax before you go on. Continue doing this until you have reached your toes. Then you will be aware of the relaxed state your body is in.

If at any time your mind drifts onto something else, just return it back to the task of relaxing your body parts. Don't fight or struggle against these thought intrusions, just let them go peaceably away, and continue the process.

Once you have completed the body part relaxation, then begin to relaxing the mind. You do this by beginning to count backwards and paying attention to the actual numbers. This way you occupy your mind with the process of meditation leaving no room for extraneous thoughts to enter. This helps to train your mind to focus. Start the counting from around 20 and imagine seeing the shape of each number as you count down. When you reach the bottom, start the count over again and when you reach the bottom again, repeat the process again. At one point you may disappear from the counting process and not be aware that you've done so. Its OK, don't be concerned, its part of meditation.

As you practice this process, you'll find that it gets easier to avoid the thoughts that are in your mind. Focus decreases the impact of random thoughts and allows you to drift into the state of nothingness.

No matter how long you meditate, you will always have days when the it seemed  perfect and flawless and then you will have those days that seem like bummers. Its also OK because what counts is the overall effect. After you have practiced for a while, you will begin to notice the difference in your life, and you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner.

Remember to tell yourself, prior to starting each time, how much time you want to spend. Your inner clock will let you know when the time is up.

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