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Start your own development circle 

If you can't find a permanent 'development circle' to attend, you can always start your own. Follow these guidelines.

A development circle is a weekly  meeting of people who gather for the sole purpose of developing their psychic talent.

Purpose of the psychic development circle
The development circle is to provide a place where everyone's psychic energy can be focused on the single purpose of developing a higher perceptive reading ability. After 3-4 weeks, an energy develops around the circle that helps all the participants with their progress.

Meeting place
The development circle should meet at a place where the participants won't be disturbed by outside noises, other people and telephones or beepers. The best location would be at a metaphysical center that already has hosted a psychic development circle or has a room for just such a purpose. The next best place would be at a private home provided it takes place where there won't be any disturbance from family or the TV set.

How often to meet
Meetings for a development must be held weekly, on the same evening at the same time. Participants must try to be at every meeting, however, it is ok to miss occasionally.

Number of people
There should not be more than 12 - 14 for a beginning circle, especially if everyone is new at it.
 At a minimum there should be 4 people.

How to conduct the circle
The development circle can follow these general rules at the beginning and later on when experience and need dictates, modify the procedure.
1)   One person should be the moderator of the development circle to make sure that it keeps within the procedure and time schedule decided upon. This person can lead the invocation which is simply a statement stating the intent to participate in the psychic on the highest plane and the rejection of all negativity.
2)   Reporting - The first thing everyone needs to do is report on psychic events that happened in their life since the last meeting. Spend about 15 minutes sharing this information because it helps to develop the mindset and train others on what to look for in their lives. For a list of these type of events see; Psychic ability.
3)   Begin a guided meditation which leads to a sacred place. This should last about 15-20 minutes.  The guided meditation can be led by one of the members or a tape can be used. The meditation doesn't have to be guided, it can be just with meditation music or without music. The purpose of the meditation is to get the psyche relaxed and into the mind and spirit state where psychic activity begins. Afterwards, everyone can report their visions and experiences of the meditation for the benefit of all.
4)   Next begins the exercise to pick up information for the participants present. Another meditation can be used here, during which everyone focuses on getting the information. This helps eliminate the stress beginners get when they feel that they are on the spot and need to perform.  This second meditation can last 5-10 minutes if you use it.
In giving the messages or information, it can be done by starting at one end and going around the development circle, or each can offer whatever they have when they are ready.
The recipient of any message should only answer yes or no regarding the relevancy of the information. They should not offer free information because there won't be anything left for anyone to uncover by psychic means.

The message part of the circle can be repeated again if there is time, otherwise keep it to about one and a half hours.

Before closing, everyone should gather in a circle to say a brief thank you to spirit and to the universal mind for the occasion.

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