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Nostradamus -New Meanings

Nostradamus (d.1566) published a series of prophecies called centuries in 1555. These prophecies have amazed the world regarding their accuracy on the future. His quatrains (4 line poems) predicted, among other things, Napoleon, Hitler, WW II, nuclear submarines, aircraft, and intercontinental ballistic warfare. This prophet has a number of predictions that deal with our present world and time; someone will arise that will lead the world to war, WW III, world catastrophes, earth changes and more.

The death of Pope John Paul I, (d. 1978) Century 3, Quatrain 65.    (This is the pope that preceded Pope John Paul II. He held the office only 35 days in 1978 and died mysteriously. See Malachy Prophecy on the Popes.)

"When the tomb of the great Roman (St. Peter) is found, a new Pope will be elected the following day (near the same time): he will not be approved by the Senate (the Cardinals of the Curia), his blood poisoned in the sacred chalice."

: In 1979 the identity and location of St. Peter's bones were officially announced. The new Pope (John Paul I) had scarcely been pope for a month, when suddenly, he died. He was immediately cremated which is unusual because of the tradition of the   entombment of popes within the Vatican walls. An autopsy was not performed and a cause of death not officially determined.  This has created much speculation about a conspiracy to eliminate him because he was perceived as being too weak.

The death of Pope John Paul I, (d. 1978) Century 4, Quatrain 11  (This is the pope that preceded Pope John Paul II.)

"He who shall have the government of the great cloak (Pope) will be led to execution in several cases. The twelve red ones (Cardinals) will come to spoil the cover: beneath murder, murder is done."


The death of Pope  John Paul I, (d. 1978) Century 10, Quatrain 12. (This is the pope that preceded Pope John Paul II.)

"Elected as Pope he will be mocked by the chosen (Cardinals of the Curia) suddenly and unexpectedly removed, prompt and timid. Caused to die, through too much goodness and kindness, he will fear for the guard killed on the night of his death."

Comment: This Pope was too saintly and may not have had the necessary backbone to deal with the political and social changes that the church was facing. His timidity evoked fear among those in the curia as it does with all power structures that fear a weak leader.

The Millennium, Century 10, Quatrain 72.

"The year 1999 and its seventh month, From the sky comes a great King of Terror: Reviving the great King of the Mongols, Before and after Mars (war) to reign happily."

Comment: It came and went and nothing happened. This is why prophets shouldn't set dates. However, Nostradamus is a highly accurate prophet, so let's give a little here. If this was written 450 years ago, let's give him a small margin of error, let's say 2%. This would amount to 9 years. So let's say maybe Genghis Kahn might arrive by the year 2009. OK?

Catastrophic flooding, Century 3, Quatrain 12.  

"Because of the overflow of the Ebro, Po, Tagus, Tiber and Rhone; by the lakes of Geneva and Arezzo the two great, chief cities of the Garrone taken, dead, drowned. The human booty is shared out."

Comment: The prophet predicts the great flood or inundation. This fits in with the earth changes & catastrophic flood predictions found on the prophecy page, and in some of the Marian prophecies as well.

Nuclear submarine warfare near the millennium, Century 3, Quatrain 13.  

"Through lightning in the ship gold and silver are melted, the two captives will devour each other. The greatest one of the city is stretched when the fleet travels underwater."

Comment: Plutonium is used to fuel nuclear submarines and the nuclear tipped missiles that they carry. Nostradamus had no knowledge of plutonium nor of the fact that it has the color of silver. Neither did he know that Plutonium changes to a gold color when exposed to air. During a nuclear explosion, plutonium actually goes through a melting phase for a sub fraction of a second. Lightning is the closest symbol he could use to describe the change of electrical energy state that occurs in a  nuclear reaction. The two captives may indicate that the two combatants may have been forced into an unwanted nuclear war and there is mutual destruction. Incidentally, nuclear subs have been with us since the 1960's. Which puts this quatrain in our time.

Ballistic and anti-ballistic missile war. Century 4, Quatrain 43.  

"Weapons will be heard fighting in the skies. In the same year the priests are enemies. They will want, unjustly, to query the holy laws. Through lightning and war many believers are put to death."

Comment: This is for our present era since we have both missiles and their counterparts, anti-ballistic missiles. They demonstrated  their 'fighting in the sky' ability during the Gulf war. The difference in this case, is that "lightning"  (which is a symbol for nuclear reaction or explosion), is involved. The priests (religions) who claim to speak for God want to prove that their god is the stronger. They will cause a religious war that will destroy many people who believe they are fighting to protect their own god. (Would the real God please stand up? Enough is enough.)

War & slaughter close to the millennium, Century 10, Quatrain 74.  

"The year of the great Seventh number accomplished: it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter. Not far from the age of the great Millennium when the dead will come out of their graves."

Comment: Somewhere near the millennium, at a date indicated by the seventh number, at a time when there will be a war in progress, the dead will rise from their graves. Does this refer to a literal judgment day as some religions believe? Or does it mean that those that are in the spirit world will finally have had it with the ego-centric human race, and intervene in world affairs? Watch for this one!

See Malachy's Prophecies about the popes.

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