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March 22 - April 20
If birthday falls 
before Apr 1 read 
also Pisces - 
If after Apr 10 read
also Taurus.
How to influence him:  He is warm  sharing and caring, butter him up and he'll give you the shirt off his back. He is sympathetic and loyal, he'll listen and try to help, find something for him to help you with. He is sometimes judgmental, jumps to conclusions and does things with out thinking of the consequences, you may have to help him get his tootsies out of the fire with your diplomacy (he'll appreciate it). He is the jealous type, so guard against being overfriendly to the opposite sex. He likes to be in control and arrange things, let him do it. He wants someone he can mould to his liking, so bend like a reed. 
A few don'ts: Never criticize him in front of others, or he'll become a raging Tasmanian Devil.  Don't give him suggestions about the way to do things unless he asks you. Don't act possessive or controlling, remember, he is the controller ( use the 'butter-up' technique to get what you want). Don't play games or be the least bit pompous, he prefers that you be your natural self.  Let him have his way  and he'll give you anything your little ol' heart desires.
He goes best with: Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Aquarius
He clashes with: Gemini, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces
Neutral: Aries, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, 
April 21 - May 20
If birthday falls
before May 1 read
also Aries -
If after May 10 read
also Gemini

How to influence him:  He is a material person with a sensuous nature. You can definitely get his attention by wearing  stylish clothes and alluring perfume.  He likes to give flowers and gifts, so act graciously and be thankful when you get them, and you'll get more. He likes femininity and grace in a woman, so he can demonstrate his caring and thoughtfulness about your well-being.  Drop any loud, contentious, or controlling behavior you may have and practice being "her ladyness". He may be up to date on the latest in  finance and business, but he is a romantic and wants to treat you with respect the old fashioned way. Give him the reason to do it. Although, he wants you to be feminine, he doesn't want you to be a crushed flower needing constant attention all the time, avoid being an emotional  heavy weight.
A few don'ts:  He may be generous to a fault with you, don't bleed him dry or he may think that you are a gold digger. Don't bring up details about former relationships, keep him from getting  jealous or the gifts may stop. Don't try to steal the spotlight away from him when out in public or socializing. When he sets his mind on something, he won't change it, don't bother trying to force the issue, it'll lead to an argument.  Remember he enjoys his role of being your guardian and protector. Let him do it.
He goes best with:  Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Aquarius
He clashes with:  Gemini, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces
Neutral:  Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Libra

May 21 - June 20
If birthday falls
before June 1 read
also Taurus -
If after June 10 read
also Cancer

How to influence him:  He is a mental person and likes to talk a lot, so act interested, don't show your bored and learn to listen. He likes talking with people and may forget about you at a social function, learn to entertain your self.  He is famous for making you appear at an "important" meeting, then showing up late. When you figure out his average "late" time, arrive at that time. His time is always occupied with things he has to do. Take advantage of this and get him to do things for you. He is always coming up with something new to do or to talk about, life certainly won't be boring. If you get mad at him, it won't be for long, he'll con you into forgiving him.
A few don'ts: Don't try to nail his shoes to the floor to keep him still, it won't work, he fears boredom worse than death. Don't try to out talk him, you can't, and he resents it. He may take a position or view one day and the next day take a completely different stand, don't bother to argue for or against any positions he takes, wait until his view changes to the one you hold, then you'll both be in agreement. Don't get overly affectionate in public, it makes him uneasy, wait until you are alone. 
He goes best with:  Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Pisces
He clashes with: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Neutral:  Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio

June 21 - July 22
If birthday falls
before July 1 read
also Gemini -
If after July 10 read
also Leo

How to influence Him:  He likes someone that is a mental mate, who can carry conversations with him. He is subject to mood swings, so help him when he gets down, and ride with him when he is high. He is very intuitive and can sense  your true feelings, be genuine and real, not pretentious. He can pick up on whatever mood you're in and feel  the same way within minutes, if you are happy, he'll be happy, if sad, he'll be the same. He likes social things, but not in excess, get his approval first before you commit. 
A few don'ts:  Don't get careless about your personal appearance, he appreciates beauty.
There are certain things or beliefs that he holds more dear than others, don't tread on them. Don't bring to him other's emotional baggage, he'll pick up on these emotions and  it may upset his mood. Don't try to dominate him, use diplomatic persuasion. 
He goes best with:  Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo
He clashes with:  Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini
Neutral:  Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius

July 23 - August 22
If birthday falls
before Aug 1 read
also Cancer -
If after Aug 10 read
also Virgo

How to influence Him:  He likes to be the center of attention and has lots of friends and fans around him. Learn to be a groupie, but don't shine his shoes. He feels that he can conquer just about anything, so leave some question as to your true feelings,  the mystery and intrigue will drive him up a wall. There will always be women around him, so get used to it. He is usually quite open and honest about things, so you should be able to read him like a book. He likes fun and good times, so be ready to party. Let him know that he is the king and he'll let you be the queen. 
A few don'ts:  He may do a lot of bragging about himself, some of  which is exaggerated , so don't laugh openly or ridicule him, that is a no-no to his royal highness. Don't show a jealous bone. He will tell you frankly when a habit of yours bothers him, don't argue or contest it, change it. Don't challenge his dominance or perceived position, or you'll have a proverbial, wounded lion on your hands.
He goes best with:  Aries,  Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius
He clashes with:  Gemini, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Neutral:  Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn

August 23 - Sept 22
If birthday falls
before Sept 1 read
also Leo -
If after Sept 10 read
also Libra

How to influence him:  He is a problem solver and gets things taken care of once he's had time to think it out. Give him the details and the time and he'll take care of it. He may appear cold and immune to your emotions or tears, but inside he's genuinely concerned and trying to analyze what your problem is so he can help you. he cares but he shows it differently than most people. He may set a standard for how he expects you to behave, find out what it is and stick to the format. He may provoke an argument to test you if he feels you don't care, let him know what your feelings are.  He likes playing the role of "dad" so let him know that you are counting on him and he'll come through for you. He has a deep sense of fairness, so appeal to that when you want to win a point with him. 
A few don'ts:  Don't cross him or he'll pout and be out of touch until he cools down.  Don't barge in or force a discussion when you see that he is thinking, give him time to break away from his thoughts.
He goes best with:  Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo
He clashes with:  Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, Aries
Neutral:  Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius 

Sept 23 - October 22
If birthday falls 
before Oct 1 read
also Virgo -
If after Oct 10 read
also Scorpio

How to influence him:  He doesn't like to hurt anyone's feelings and may carry on a relationship with you even though he doesn't want to. Learn to read between the lines. He tends to like beauty  which he judges by eye appeal, make yourself appealing to the eye, clothes, hair, clothes, etc. He likes to give advice and help others with solutions to their problems which he rationalizes in his mind. Ask him for advice to feed his vanity. He is more in love with the word love than the experience itself. Keep the romantic fire burning with little sentimental things and tokens of love. He hates confusion and discord, so maintain an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, and that includes a tidy home. He will look upon you as his number one person, so you'll have to maintain that status or he'll become disillusioned. 
A few don'ts:  He has a tendency to fickleness which is a product of his continually analyzing things. So don't count on any decision he makes to be set in concrete. He likes to analyze everything,  so don't let it get to you, it does come in handy at times. 
He goes best with:  Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Aries, Virgo
He clashes with:  Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Neutral:  Cancer, Libra, Pisces

Oct 23 - Nov 22
If birthday falls
before Nov 1 read
also Libra -
If after Nov 10 read
also Sagittarius

How to influence him:   He is magnetic and secretive, holding his thoughts and knowledge in a deep vault, prying won't work you'll have to settle for what he chooses to reveal to you. He has an x- ray ability to look inside you and know what's in your mind, so get used to being an open book. He is passionate about everything that he believes in, including sex, so if you are cold or uninterested, you won't last long. When he lectures on one of his pet peeves, just agree with him and try to change the subject gracefully. He has a hypnotic personality and women are naturally attracted to him, try not to show jealousy. He is a  dominant male and has an ability to psychically transmit his will to others. That is how you will know what he wants. Cater to his demands on most little issues, then stand your ground on something important, he'll give you what you want. He is sympathetic and considerate of those he cares about, show that you appreciate his attention. 
A few don'ts:  Don't lie or try to hide things from him, because it won't take long for his detective mind to find out. Don't make excuses when he wants attention or affection from you, he'll be able to find it somewhere else. Don't provoke him to anger with denigrating or crude remarks, because he can chop anyone to pieces with words better than a soldier with an AK-47 assault rifle.  
He goes best with: Cancer, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn
He clashes with: Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Libra
Neutral:  Scorpio, Aquarius

Nov 23 - Dec 21
If birthday falls
before Dec 1 read
also Scorpio -
If after Dec 10 read
also Capricorn

How to influence him: He is exuberant, fun loving and social, you need to be pretty, witty and able to mix with his friends. His enthusiasm and need for challenge causes him to jump into half baked schemes and plans that haven't been well thought out, provide him with some of the basic missing details. He is a romantic, but only superficially, you'll have to teach him what it's all about. He is extravagant in most everything he does, you'll have to help him control the spending. His honest and naive nature makes him tactless when it comes to saying the right thing, he's prone to putting his foot in his mouth, re-interpret what he says to you the way he should have said it. He likes sports and the out doors so learn to like these things because he'll expect you to tag along.
A few don'ts:  Don't question his honesty or integrity, he regards them highly. Don't ridicule his pie in the sky ideas and schemes, be patient and forbearing. Don't expect him to sit around like a couch potato, he's not the type. Don't think that you'll be bored, you won't have that problem.
He goes best with:  Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Virgo, Sagittarius
He clashes with:  Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Taurus
Neutral: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Dec 22 - Jan 19
If birthday falls
before Jan 1 read
also Sagittarius -
If after Jan 10 read
also Aquarius

How to influence him: He is methodical, routine and organized, show him how you schedule your own life's activities. He is conventional, practical and efficient, show him how well you manage your finances and resources. He is big on family and foundation, show him the family tree, bring along your kid brother, belong to an organization. He is a believer in "actions speak louder than words" regarding love. You may have to coax the love word from him. He likes the pursuit, so be a bit hard to get without over doing it. Some Caps, though very capable,  are lacking in self-confidence, be certain that you are a cheerleader. 
A few don'ts: Don't bother to flatter, it doesn't work. Don't expect a quick run away and get married, he wants to be established in career or business before he takes the plunge. Don't act erratic and unpredictable, demonstrate self control and reserve. Don't expect to introduce a new and radical lifestyle, he's too conventional. 
He goes best with:  Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces
He clashes with:  Gemini, Leo, Libra, Aquarius, Aries
Neutral:  Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Jan 20 - Feb 21
If birthday falls
before Feb 1 read
also Capricorn -
If after Feb 10 read
also Pisces

How to influence him:  When you see him staring into space, his mind is probably fifty years in the future, gently remind him to return to planet earth. He has no one best friend, because everyone from every level of society is his friend. Be open minded and gracious when you meet them. He is a highly mystical and spiritual person and needs freedom for analytical exploration. You'll be hearing theories and ideas that are radical and border on the impossible, just smile and be a good audience. Yes, you can ask questions.  He keeps his private thoughts and emotions hidden so they won't interfere with his detached exterior. He may even love you but not express it. You need to be a bit forward in this regard. He shrinks from binding emotional ties, so hide the emotions and act like a friend with out demands of exclusivity. When he feels that you can exist like a parallel to him without wanting to own him, he'll feel safe to commit to you. He is an optimist of the highest order, so if you are feeling down, he won't rest until he pulls you up again. He analyzes everything, so don't volunteer information about yourself, let him get it bit by bit. Keep the mystery about you for as long as you can.
A few don'ts:   Don't be a clinging, sticky emotional burden, he can't deal with it, he wants you to hold your own ground.   Don't try to get into his private thoughts, he'll share them when he wants to. He places a great value in trust  which means freedom for you, don't abuse it, or you'll face scrutiny ever after. Don't mock or ridicule his futuristic ideas, or you'll show him that you are un-evolved. 
He goes best with:  Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius
He clashes with:  Aries, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo
Neutral:  Leo, Libra, Pisces 

Feb 22 - Mar 20
If birthday falls
before Mar 1 read
also Aquarius -
If after Mar 10 read 
also Aries

How to influence Him:  He is sensitive and intuitive, interested in spiritual things, and probably  interested in the occult, astrology and their associates. Bring up these subjects and you'll be able to talk for hours. He is empathic and everyone can lean on him for sympathy regarding their problems. Get some if you need it, but don't over do it. He's a great dreamer of things but sometimes doesn't take any action. Light a fire under him to get him going. He's a real romantic and appreciates a candlelight dinner, then sitting cozy in front of the fireplace afterwards. Get some cuddling and romance. He admires beauty of all sorts, from a single flower, to a wilderness landscape, to antiques. Dress beautifully and have beautiful things around you for him to admire.
A few don'ts:
   Don't overburden him with too many of other people's problems, he needs a break from it. Don't deprive him from  moments of needed solitude, he's recharging his batteries. He is a great listener, but don't monopolize the conversation, he needs to talk also. He is quite un-prejudiced and open, don't expect him to be judgmental. 
He goes best with:  Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn
He clashes with:  Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra
Neutral:  Aquarius, Pisces


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