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Dreams from real life with interpretations and analysis. When you feel down and out, there are dreams that pick you up, dust you off, and send you on your way. You are re-inspired, renewed, re-energized, your self-worth is restored and you are ready to take on the world again. Some of these dreams also contain profound messages regarding your Spiritual Self and your path with "All That Is".


When a Hummingbird Lands in Your Hand.

Dream: I was napping on the couch and had a dream that I was watching a humming bird fly around me and I could hear the sound of its wings making that sound. Suddenly, it landed right in my left hand and pecked softly at my fingertips. I was amazed at seeing this bird and felt really special about it. Then it began flying again and flew away. I tried to reach out to catch it but it went away too fast. This woke me up and I looked around the room trying to find it because it seemed so real that it must still be around. I felt a bit disappointed when I realized I was dreaming. I then turned on the TV and began flipping through the channels looking for something to watch. I just caught the tail end of a program that was talking about dreams and they mentioned a hummingbird. I didn't get the sound up fast enough to hear what they said and missed it. I couldn't believe how I could be dreaming of a hummingbird and then turning on the TV and missing the information that would have explained it all. Now I'm going around looking for an answer to what happened. I feel that something special happened when the thing happened. My wife thinks I lost it and maybe she doesn't believe me, but I really don't care, I need to know. Jason.

Interpretation: Jason: You have just received an invitation to something special.  The dream and the amazing coincidence on TV have a spiritual message for you, "go search to find".
When a queen touches a sword on a man's shoulder, he becomes a night. The man hasn't changed but the way he views himself has. He now has a special status. That is what the hummingbird did when it landed in your hand, it said you are special. But that is only part of the message, the rest lies in the fact that you just missed getting an explanation on TV by a perfectly timed coincidence. Now you have to "go search to find" an answer regarding how this whole event took place. What caused it to happen? How did it happen? And most importantly; why did it happen to you? You have been invited to take a spiritual journey to discover those subtle hidden powers of the universe. If you haven't already started, you can start now.







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