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You are closest to the spiritual world when you are asleep because your mind is free from the concerns of waking life. There you drift to the boundary where the spiritual and physical worlds meet; a place called the veil. It is from here that your loving deceased friends and relatives can reach out to you through a dream just once or many times through vivid appearances that can even include confirming events that take place when you are awake.

Don't Hang On to Me!

Dream: I am lying in bed sleeping. My husband is next to me. I feel someone is watching me sleep, and I open my eyes to see my father standing over me by the side of the bed. I say, "Daddy" but cannot move any part of my body to reach him. I begin to feel afraid and just then my father falls across me and as he does he disintegrates into dust and is gone. I become terrified and wake up. Marilyn.

Dreamer's Background: My father passed away suddenly a few months ago. I had a hard time dealing with it and I miss him a lot. I had dreams of him and we would talk to one another about little things, nothing special. I would always feel happy and upbeat the next day.

Interpretation: When we lose someone we love and have difficulty dealing with it, we create a lot of stress and emotional chaos deep within ourselves. The deceased loved one may appear in a dream or a vivid encounter called a "visit". The difference lies in how vivid and unforgettable the dream was. Many dreams where the deceased appear are forgotten over time, but genuine "visits" are indelibly implanted in our memory and every detail can be recalled like an old movie for the rest of our lives.  In your case, you were probably becoming dependant upon Daddy to keep in touch and soothe your grieving heart. You were not willing to let go because you were not ready to do so. After a while when you are sufficiently assured that he still exists in the spiritual form, it becomes time for the weaning process. That is why you had a lucid dream where you were awake while asleep and saw your dad. When he fell on you and disintegrated into dust, causing you to become frightened. The message was that you should now accept his passing into spirit and not become dependant upon visits from him. There was no harm intended, just a loving jolt to get you back into your physical life.






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