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Romance, Love and Relationship Dreams
Real Life Dreams Interpretation and Analysis (1)

Romance, Love and Relationships are what many dreams are about. Whatever emotions are present in your relationships will show up in your dreams. Happy? Suspicious? You'll dream about it. Dreams deal with every emotion that you experience with your romance and other types of relationships. Read what others dreamed and why they dreamed it.

The Little Voice Got Through.

Dream:  I dreamt that I married my boyfriend. It was a spontaneous wedding done at the spur of the moment. Everyone thought it was about time since we knew each other three years.  A friend got me aside and told me that he was getting overly friendly with all the women at the wedding. Someone else said that's because he was happy around women. His cousin said that he felt sorry for me because my boyfriend only wanted  me to be tied down. Then my boyfriend came up to me and said that everything will be the same and the marriage won't change him one bit. I woke up feeling happy but at the same time I felt I made a big mistake getting married to him even though it was in a dream. Darla

Dreamer's Background: I actually broke up with my boyfriend two weeks before the dream and no longer see him even though I still care for him. We were out one night and my girlfriend from work came with us. He got real friendly (overly friendly) with her and later that night I told him how I felt about it. He got angry calling me jealous and other things so we ended it there. He was always looking at other women and once before he got real friendly with my best friend and began cheating on me big time with her. I forgave him and took him back when he said he'd never do it again. But I feel deep inside that I can't trust him even though I care for him.

Interpretation: Darla: That little voice inside your head probably told you long ago  that you couldn't trust him and you brushed it aside. Now that same voice is getting through to you with this dream and you can't ignore its message. You can't trust him! Period! That is what you believe but your emotions are hoping that it's not true. You got married to him and woke up feeling regrets even though it was only a dream. Every one of those people talking to you in the dream are really those things your little voice has been telling you all along. Take heed this time! He may already be hanging out with that other friend of yours. If you regretted  being married to him in a dream, just think if your were really married to him; and what if you had a few kids? Sorry? Sorry? There are lots of other fish in the ocean; its time to find another boyfriend. Marbus.






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